Tools. Apps. Gear.

Here’s the tech I’m currently using for work.

Most of this has been accumulated primarily over the last few years, with a major upgrade to the office setup in 2022 (lights, etc.).

Tweet me (I’m @alexjpanagis) if you have any questions!

Desk / Computer / Office

Audio / Video

  • Canon 90D (“also” … actually let’s be honest, I don’t get out much so mainly use this as my webcam for meetings)
  • Rode VideoMic NTG+. For voiceovers and video meetings. This runs directly into my computer via USB.
  • Elgato Key Light. Great for meetings and office ambient light, I can’t work with the regular spotlights in the office anymore. Just this and 👇
  • BenQ Desk Lamp. The only lamp I use 99% of the time (when not in meetings). Much prefer working in a more dimly lit room, helps me focus.
  • GlideGear Teleprompter (to look at camera during video calls)


  • RunCloud. Managing our own fleet of servers/cloud infrastructure (for PHP-based applications).
  • Servebolt. The world’s best, managed WordPress hosting.
  • Atarim. The ultimate and only way we collaborate visually.
  • CleanShot X. The best way to capture screenshots (and share them) as well as video recordings, GIFs to demo things, etc.
  • Raycast. Recently switched over from Alfred, get the feeling I only use 1% of what it’s capable of (case in point: I only recently discovered that it also has “Clipboard History” as a feature).
  • Grammarly. Takes the effort out of checking large chunks of text in emails/texts. Don’t rely on it for anything truly high-touch, but it’s really great as an aid for everything to move faster.
  • Figma. Not an avid user of Figma myself, but it’s what all the designers I work with at ScaleMath and our client companies work with.
  • VSCode. When I’m writing UI copy or pushing smaller changes to side projects, VSCode is the only way.
  • Cloudflare. Does this really need an explanation? 🙂
  • LifterLMS. Our learning management system of choice (for good reason, we use this for internal documentation/training).