How I Make My Money

I often get asked or passed on questions along the lines of “how does Alex Panagis make his money?” – whether it’s from friends in real life, groups in the industry, etc.

And the truth is, I can’t blame you for being interested.

From the outside, I can see how it could look like I’m up to a whole bunch of different things and also not much at the same time.

So, in addition to the /now page on this site, here are the three main things I’m actively involved in:

  1. ScaleMath – this is the business that I founded in 2017. I currently still hold the role of CEO, as a part of which it pays me a regular monthly salary.
  2. Advisory – In addition to ScaleMath, I still take on a handful of advisory work personally. It doesn’t make sense for all companies to work with the incredible team we’ve built, and this acts as a great way to keep a close pulse on the industry + allows me to help companies in a different way.
  3. Software – As a part of ScaleMath, we operate software companies/products. These are a part of the ScaleMath “group” of companies.